About us

United Yemeni Community in Scotland - UYCS is a charity community registered by OSCR number SC052140 dedicated to supporting asylum seekers, refugees, students and migrants from Yemen national, which currently has more than 162 members. It is a member of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisation (SCVO) and the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN).

On 6th June 2021, elected administrative boards from the membership officially established the United Yemeni Community in Scotland as follows:

The Board of Trustees

  1. Dr Shawki Al-Dubaee, Chairman; Email: chairman@uycis.org

  2. Mr Amr Alaghbari, Vice-Chairman & Sports and Scout Committee officer; Email: vicechairman@uycis.org

  3. Mr Nabil Yahya, Financial officer; Email: finance@uycis.org

  4. Dr Nabil AlKawri, Health and Community Wellbeing officer, Email: health@uycis.org

  5. Dr Gubran Al-Kubati, Educational and Academic Committee officer & General Secretary, Email: education@uycis.org &

  6. Dr Baraq Ghaleb, Media and Cultural Committee officer. Email: media@uycis.org

The Board of Monitoring:

  1. Prof Ahmed Yassin Email: monitoringBoard1@uycis.org

  2. Dr Yasser Al-Madhagi Email: monitoringBoard2@uycis.org

Some of the UYCS Volunteers:

  1. Abdulrahman Salman Email: volunteers1@uycis.org

  2. Eissa Hassan Email: volunteer2@uycis.org