21st Refugee Festival Scotland

Yemen, Arabia Fliex, has a historical culture and amazing heritage with several environments. Every city enriches a different traditional colour of dances, which expresses an internal traditional Yemeni culture. Scottish and Yemeni have shared a lovely traditional wearing, called skirt or Kilt in Scotland and Mawaz and Futa in Yemen.

One of the objectives of the UYCS highlights it to the Scottish and other communities.

The UYCS will highlight several topics:

· Six UYCS members will share their actual integration stories; An Excellent opportunity to speak to the previous candidate of MSYP;

· Yemeni traditional culture and heritage by Live dance, songs; &

· Yemeni traditional clothes;

· A real story of Sports Hub;

· Halal Haggis;

· Yemeni Cuisine;& More fabulous surprises.